Movement Screening

Injuries can often be caused by acute, unpredictable incidents such as a collision during a rugby match, however there are many athletes walking around day to day with a high risk of injury due to issues well within the athletes control.


There are also injuries that can occur due to extremely controllable factors within their training. Overuse injuries are seen in many sports where the athletes are required to repeat one movement over and over again, for example swimmers with shoulder issues and many chronic injury issues can occur due to the athlete having poor movement mechanics, such as shoulder pain during pressing movements.


In both cases there is often no need for the athlete to get this injury in the first place if an intelligent program design is used and some sort of screening takes place prior to the athlete undertaking the program. I am able to run the athlete through a series of movements, tests, stretches and exercises geared towards identifying areas where they may currently be predisposed to injuries.

These assessments can then be used to help design 'prehabilitation' programs in order to reduce the likelihood of an injury or simply guide some of the specific movement coaching the athlete requires, such as speed and agility training.