Nutritional Consultation (Inc. Supplement Advice)

Nutrition is so often overlooked by athletes and coaches. When you work with me as a coach, I usually get to see you for a few hours a week at most, however that leaves a lot of time where you are out of the gym or off the pitch, recovering. Optimal recovery has many different facets to it and one of the main components is what we use to fuel our body, what food we ingest. Whether it be assisting you in choosing the correct foods to eat before or after your training sessions or simply some advice based off your current diet I can help.


I also have extensive experience with supplements. Over the years I have personally tried or worked with athletes taking almost every type of sporting supplement you can imagine. I also take an extra interest in researching the claims made by supplement companies and whether they can actually do what they claim to do. Whether your goal is to increase lean body mass, lose fat, increase strength or whatever else you can think of, I am able to advise you on whether supplementation is worth considering, or if in fact no supplement is needed. So often athletes are looking for the answer to their training goals in the shape of a pill, the reality is it takes a lot of hard work and determination to achieve sporting success. Occasionally supplements can be helpful to fill in the gaps in someone's diet or to support periods of exceptionally intense training. I can help you to find the most suitable product for your needs that is both safe and legal within the laws of your sport.