Weightlifting Coaching

Weightlifting is the heart of any good Strength & Conditioning Program and I utilise many different weight training methodologies to prepare for my own sports, including Rugby Union, Water polo and competing in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting. These experiences have helped me to build my training philosophy and see how important the feedback a quality coach can provide is.

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I firmly believe that a well-designed resistance training program is the foundation of almost all Strength & Conditioning protocols, it is meant to aid and improve how the athlete performs in their sport. Too many unnecessary injuries can occur due to careless or less informed coaches insisting their athlete's progress to fast with the weight training, ignoring practice of sound technique in place of the chasing of heavy loads or making the athlete work to exhaustion. My weight room sessions emphasise QUALITY of training long before QUANTITY of the training.   more >>>

Indoor and Outdoor Conditioning Sessions

In order to perform optimally in any sport it is important to take a holistic approach to training and focus on all parts of the sports requirements. It is no use to be strong and powerful, if you are not able to maintain that level of performance for any appreciable length of time. I am able to design challenging yet productive conditioning routines that fit your goals and sport.

Sport specific conditioning should be designed with the intent of making it replicate the demands of the sport as closely as possible; tennis players should not be running 200m sprints in their training as this is not done in a match, similarly swimmers should not be cycling in their training as the movements performed and demands are very different. I firmly believe in working smarter, not harder and getting the athlete prepared for their sport without compromising their ability to recover between sessions - and provide conditioning training sessions that best suit your needs.   more >>>

Speed & Agility Coaching

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Athletes often describe themselves as being naturally fast or naturally slow and feel there is nothing they can do to change this however this simply is not true. Fast and slow people can both gain huge amounts from having a quality coach observe and work on their technique. In fact improving your sprint technique or ability to change direction is one of the fastest ways a Strength & Conditioning Coach can improve your performance on the field.

Whether you are competing in athletics and looking to improve your start or you are competing in a team sport and wish to break away from defences quicker or move around the court faster almost all athletes can benefit from some focused speed and agility training. I can provide coaching specific to your precise needs ensuring you see real results during competition.   more >>>

Training Program Design

Going to the gym or out onto the training field without any real plan at best, results in a lot of wasted time and energy and athlete performs exercises unrelated to their goals – and can actually be detrimental to performance and even lead to an increased likelihood of injury. I am able to design programs that fit with the goals of any athlete at any level.

When designing a specific Training Program, the sport and goals of the athlete will naturally be taken into account, however importantly I also consider injury history, the time the athlete has to devote to their training and the equipment they have at their disposal.   more >>>

Movement Screening

I am able to run the athlete through a series of movements, tests, stretches and exercises geared towards identifying areas where they may currently be predisposed to injuries. These assessments can then be used to help design 'pre-habilitation' programs in order to reduce the likelihood of an injury or simply guide some of the specific movement coaching the athlete requires, such as speed and agility training.   more >>>

Sport Specific Physical Testing

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Having assisted in the physical testing of athletes from several professional sports teams and national associations I have extensive experience in providing safe and reliable testing that is specifically related to the athletes sport and own personal goals.

Detailed information is related back to the athlete in an easy to understand manner – and from here the athlete is able to make a much more educated decision about their training goals and the areas they need to improve in order to excel in competition.   more >>>

Nutritional Consultation (including Supplement Advice

Optimal recovery has many different facets to it and one of the main components is what we use to fuel our body – our food. I can assist in choosing the correct foods to eat before or after your training sessions or simply some advice based off your current diet I can help.

I also have extensive experience with supplements. Over the years I have personally tried or worked with athletes taking almost every type of sporting supplement you can imagine. I can help you to find the most suitable product for your needs that is both safe and legal within the laws of your sport.   more >>>