Speed & Agility Coaching


I have heard many coaches say, "You can defend against a lot of things, but you can't defend against speed", this is not only true in sports like rugby and football but even in longer distance running and after all it is the fastest runner who wins a marathon, not the slowest! Any athlete training with sports specific speed and agility movements under the watchful eye of a quality coach can help increase their efficiency, speed and reduce the risk of injury. In fact improving your sprint technique or ability to change direction is one of the fastest ways a Strength & Conditioning Coach can improve your performance on the field.

Another key aspect I work on with all my athletes is sports specific speed or game awareness. Being able to run a fast 40m time or agility drill is no use to an athlete if they are unable to put this speed into an effective performance. I design my training sessions around the athletes sporting demands, where possible involving the equipment or surface the athlete would be exposed to in their sport and forcing them to make decisions in a dynamic environment.

Whether you are competing in athletics and looking to improve your start or you are competing in a team sport and wish to break away from defences quicker or move around the court faster almost all athletes can benefit from some focused speed and agility training. I am able to provide coaching specific to your needs and the needs of your sport ensuring you see real results during competition.