Sport Specific Physical Testing

When working with athletes one of the most important and sought after services a coach can provide is testing of the athletes physical attributes that relate directly to their sport. Having assisted in the physical testing of athletes from several professional sports teams and national associations I have extensive experience in providing safe and reliable testing that is specifically related to the athletes sport and own personal goals.

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I have no interest in wasting athletes time with non-specific tests such as the bleep test or sit and reach tests. When designing a testing protocol for any sport I look closely at the demands of the sport and then make sure to design a protocol that specifically tests these demands in a way that is both reliable and valid.

The information from these tests can then be related back to the athlete in an easy to understand manner, including an explanation of what each test means and how their result compares to other similar athletes. From here an athlete is able to make a much more educated decision about their training goals and the areas they need to improve in order to excel in competition. Coaches are also able to use the results to objectively evaluate where their training is going well and which athletes are physically capable of performing at the relevant level.


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Examples of just some of the tests I have experience in are below;
Blood Lactate Threshold
VO2 max
Body Fat – Calipers, Hydrostatic Weighing, Bioelectircal Impedence and DEXA Scans
Speed & Agility Tests
Muscular Endurance
Maximal Strength
Force Plate related testing
TENDO Unit work