"Rhys has been working with us at MX Fencing for nearly a year, running the strength and conditioning sections of our holiday courses.

During this time he has put a lot of work into developing his understanding of the sport, resulting in significant updates to the programme he has offered to us, and the National Governing Body. Rhys has brought new ideas to every course we have run and is always keen to talk to the athletes and coaches about the best methods of implementation.

Rhys has an excellent understanding of the ways in which athletes can use their bodies to benefit, or detract from, their sport and is able to communicate this to all age groups. We have fencers from 7-18 years old on the courses and Rhys has developed suitable techniques to impart complex ideas of physical literacy to each group.


Rhys has also taken the time to give full briefings after each course, even identifying individual athletes and issues, which he often sends over with additional research. For example, one of our girls has shown promise as a weightlifter, so Rhys investigated the local area and has found her a specialist weight-lifting coach with whom she is now working regularly.

I would definitely recommend Rhys as an excellent strength and conditioning expert, a fantastic member of the team!"

Mollie Heslip, MX Fencing

"Philip found the fencing specific S&C coaching very useful as it targeted areas which helped him improve his core stability and it ensured he was developing his whole body fitness to counteract the one side dominance often caused by fencing. He felt that after just a few sessions of carrying out the exercise programme recommended to him, he noticed positive results."

Penny Marsh, parent of Junior World Fencing Champion 2011, Phillip Marsh

"Through my career I have worked with some of the best strength and conditioning coaches from all over the world and I would put Rhys in the same category. Rhys has provided me with great individually tailored plans that have delivered results quickly and is always available for additional advice and tips. I would recommend Rhys without hesitation."

Laurence Ovens, a professional rugby player. Previously played for Bath RFC, Newcastle Falcons & Bedford Blues. He is now with Roslyn Park RFC