Training Program Design

So many athletes go to the gym or out onto the training field without any real plan of what they are going to do when they are there. This at best, results in a lot of wasted time and energy whilst the athlete performs exercises unrelated to their goals and at worst can lead to the athlete performing exercises that are actually detrimental to their performance or that lead to an increased likelihood of injury.


I am able to design programs that fit with the goals of any athlete at any level.

Training program design can be done in person where the athlete gets coaching on the exercises used or alternatively a program can be designed on a distance coaching basis via emails and phone consultations. Obviously the sport and goals of the athlete will be taken into account when designing any program, however importantly I also take into account injury history, the time the athlete has to devote to their training and the equipment they have at their disposal.

Many programs will include pre and post-testing protocols to gauge the athlete's progress as well as on-going support throughout the program so that any queries the athlete might have can be answered.